School Uniform

School uniform plays a vital role in promoting the ethos of a school, providing a sense of belonging and identity and setting an appropriate tone for education.  By creating a common identity amongst all pupils, regardless of background, a school uniform can also act as a social leveller.

The “Education (Guidance about Costs of School Uniforms) Act 2021” states that all stipulated school uniform items must be affordable for all and any branded items, purchased through uniform suppliers, offer value for money.  This statutory guidance came into effect in September 2022. 

The Aspire Uniform Policy, formed in part by parent/pupil voice, ensures each individual uniform offering across the trust is in line with this legislation and helps maintain the balance between affordability and upholding of school ethos and identity.

Our uniform items comprise the following:
Sweatshirt Burgundy round neck with school logo (logo optional)
Cardigan Burgundy with school logo (logo optional)
Polo shirt Gold with school logo (logo optional)
Shorts Grey or Black (Summer)
Trousers Grey or Black
Skirts or Pinafore dress Grey or Black
Tights/socks Grey or white
Summer dress Red and white checked
PE shorts  Burgundy
PE top  White t-shirt with school logo (logo optional)

Burgundy bookbags with the school logo and yellow PE bags can be purchased from the school office.

The wearing of jewellery is not suitable for school and should not be worn. Where children have had their ears pierced, please use only stud ear-rings to avoid injury in P.E. or at playtime. (Cornwall Council Ruling)

From time to time all schools seem to have the recurring problem of head-lice. Children with long hair must have it suitably drawn back. Long flowing hair falling over eyes is not good for children’s sight and it is not conducive to neat work. Please ensure hair is neat and clean, some new hair-cuts may be fashionable, but can sometimes cause unnecessary ridicule in the playground. Tram-lines, Mohawks, dyed hair and braids are not considered suitable by our school.
Make up
Due to the age of the children in our school we feel it is inappropriate for them to wear make up and nail varnish.
School uniform can be ordered through Cornwall Screen Print via the website below or by calling 01726 68689.

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