It is important that you inform the school office on the first day of your child’s absence from school for any reason e.g. illness, doctor/dental appointment, etc. It helps to know if a child will be absent with a long term illness or infectious disease. Children who have experienced vomiting or diarrhoea must be kept off school until 48 hours after their symptoms have gone.
The Education Welfare Officer (EWO), regularly checks pupil attendance and requires a reason for every child's absence. If a child has an attendance below 96%, we will invite Parents into school to discuss how the school can support you and your child in order to help improve the attendance. Please note that if a child has regular non-attendance this could result in the Education Welfare Officer issuing a fine.

You are able to notify the school by telephoning or leaving a message on the school answer phone on 01726 812006 before 9am. If you have been unable to notify the school of an absence, please ensure a note is sent to the class teacher when your child returns to school.

Biscovey Nursery and Infants' Academy expects full attendance at all times. Lateness in the mornings disrupts the class routine and will affect your child’s progress. We expect children to arrive at school by 8.55am in order for lessons to start promptly at 9am.
Lateness will also monitored by the Education Welfare Officer.

The school operates a first day contact regarding absences, therefore you may receive a call or text asking for an explanation for your child's absence.
Planning your holiday: We publish the school term dates and INSET dates well ahead. This is to help you plan your holidays and leaves of absence. When you book your holiday, please check that it does not clash with the school term dates.

The value of regular attendance: Your child must attend school regularly to learn how to read and write and be able to interact with others. Research shows that pupils perform better if their parents or carers emphasise the importance of attending school.

Your legal responsibilities: You have a legal duty to make sure your child attends school regularly and punctually. The school and the Local Authority monitor your child’s attendance and will take action if it is poor.

Biscovey Infants' School's attendance target is 96%. 

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