The study of Geography makes best use of our rich and diverse locality. At Biscovey Nursery and Infants' Academy we endeavour to make the most of our location being close to beaches, towns, ports, docks and locations such as Eden and Heligan Gardens.
We actively locality walks and visits to local places of interest. These are highly valued and enable children to make sense of their surroundings and their place in the world, on both a local and broader scale. 
Geography is taught in a cross curricular way, with all topics strongly linked to a key question that promotes geographical enquiry. By asking and answering key geographical questions about our locality first and then contrasting localities in other places, the children are learning to develop enquiry skills about the world around them. They are learning to be geographers and understand that geography is about people and places and how they connect and interact on a local and larger scale.
There is a strong focus on the development and use of accurate and appropriate vocabulary as well as field work skills and the use of maps, photographs and globes. We strive for our children to become curious learners and possess the confidence to explore without limits.
The document below shows the teaching and learning principles for Geography in our school outlined in more detail.

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