Early Years Foundation Stage

School Vision: 

At Biscovey Nursery and Infants’ Academy we aim to ensure that all children can develop the skills they need to become happy and confident learners who, with guidance and support, can reach their full potential.    

Our curriculum ensures that we deliver a range of topics across the age phases which develops sequential learning where pupils know more and can do more, ensuring that they are ready for their next stage in education.   

Our nurturing ethos endeavours to support all children and their families.  Through this approach we are able to work together so meeting the needs of all learners in our school.   

We pride ourselves on delivering beyond the academic curriculum developing a child’s individual character. Our core values run through all areas of school life and learning which allows the whole child to develop into a confident and caring young individual. The Biscovey child shows respect, and through self-belief and courage approaches learning with an inquisitive mind. 

School Mission Statement: 

Biscovey Nursery and Infants’ Academy has developed a curriculum and approach to learning with the following principles at the heart: 

  • For children to know how to be treated and how to treat others. 

  • For children to happy, confident learners 

  • For children to reach their full potential 

  • A nurturing ethos which supports children and their families. 

 We define curriculum as the totality of a child’s experience at Biscovey Nursery and Infants’ Academy. This includes not only what activities and learning they are immersed in but also the processes involved in how the child learns.  

At Biscovey Nursery and Infants’ Academy, we have developed a curriculum which is:  

Engaging:   Our aim in Reception is to build on children’s individual prior experiences. We aim to understand and follow children’s interests and provide opportunities throughout our EYFS curriculum to support learning, consolidate and deepen knowledge and ensure children meet their next steps. 

Enriching: Our aim is that the curriculum is enriched in a variety of ways: trips; visitors; real world contexts; innovative, stimulating and inspiring experiences; cross-curricular links; purposeful use of the environment and local area; pupil and staff collaboration. We aim to create an indoor and outdoor environment which supports all learners and engages them in their own interests and fascinations.  

Unique: We recognise that not only is each child an individual but also each class and each member of staff have unique interests, skills and talents. We work in partnership with parents and carers to encourage independent, happy learners who thrive in school and reach their full potential from their various starting points. 

To ensure curriculum quality we have addressed the following:  

- Progressive planning meets the needs of all learners. 

- Next steps are addressed so that all children make progress.  

- An exciting and engaging curriculum is based on children’s interests which engage them and excite them to learn.  

- Children are encouraged to develop independence with their learning and resilience to have a go and not give up.  


- We have a curriculum that is child-centered and that is based upon wow experiences and overarching themes that engage the children. We encourage active learning to ensure the children are motivated and interested.  

- We engage with parents regularly through Tapestry, formal meetings and informal meetings if needed to ensure children’s transition into school and through the EYFS is happy and allows them to reach their potential with the support needed. This includes workshops, coffee mornings, open afternoons, regular tapestry updates and parent consultations.  

- All areas of the EYFS curriculum are followed and planned for to ensure there is a broad, balanced and progressive learning environment and curriculum.  The children will learn new skills, acquire new knowledge and demonstrate understanding through the seven areas in the EYFS curriculum: 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

Communication and Language  

Physical Development 



Understanding the World 

Expressive Arts and Design 

These 7 areas are used to plan children’s learning and activities. Planning for this curriculum is designed to be flexible so that a child’s unique needs and interests are supported.  

Daily guided activities are set up and planned that cover different areas of the EYFS curriculum and allow children to develop their next steps in learning.  Areas of need and next steps are identified for all children to ensure good progress is made.  There are also a range of stimulating and engaging activities which the children can access independently and a variety of opportunities for child-initiated play.  In planning and guiding Enhanced Continuous Provision we reflect on the different ways that children learn and reflect these in our practice. 

Children in Reception learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative thinking which takes place both indoors and outdoors. Out outdoor area is used all year round and mirrors the learning opportunities indoors.  

Staff in the EYFS make regular observations of the children’s learning to ensure next steps are met. These are collected in Literacy and Maths books and on Tapestry.  


We aim for every child to be able to: 

- Make good to outstanding progress across the EYFS curriculum. Progress from starting points is good. We also strive for children to reach the Early Learning Goals at the end of Reception and to be in line with National expectations. 

- Provide evidence in children’s books and online journals which supports all areas of the EYFS curriculum. 

- Access a range of learning opportunities through adult-led and child-led learning opportunities.  

- Be independent, resilient and motivated to learn. 

Skills Progression:   

At Biscovey Nursery and Infants’ Academy, we use the objectives from Development Matters to ensure good coverage and challenge for all pupils. We carefully track the areas of learning to ensure that new learning builds on prior knowledge and consolidates understanding showing sound progression across the depth and breadth in each area of learning.  

Teaching and Learning Expectations: 

  • High quality texts will form the heart of all topics 

  • Lessons will promote a love of learning 

  • Activities/questions will promote curiosity 

  • There will be highly effective cross curricular links between all areas of learning  

Working Walls/Displays:  

  • Relevant displays linked to children's learning in Maths. 

  • RWI wall linked to children’s sound knowledge 

  • Continuous provision linked to interests and children’s ability in all areas 

  • Examples of work linked to topic 

  • Topic wall to share information of current topics 

  • Star wall to celebrate children’s achievements 


  • Summative Assessment - EYFS, end of KS1 and the end of KS2 

  • Pupil Conferencing 

  • Learning Walk/Lesson Observations 

  • Book looks 

Biscovey Nursery and Infants' Academy
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