Teaching Through a Theme

Topics are followed through an immersive approach. Each class will begin their topic with a 'Wow' moment which is closely linked to a high quality text. At the end of the topic staff will plan a 'Fabulous' finish to which families will be invited to celebrate learning.

To ensure high quality teaching and learning we:-
  • Plan exciting topics based on the interests of our children to motivate them to be enthusiastic about their learning
  • Differentiate learning opportunities to make sure all children do the best they can
  • Provide exciting activities to encourage independent learning, incorporating kinaesthetic, visual and auditory opportunities for learning
  • Develop communication and social skills through turn-taking and speaking and listening
  • Share learning objectives with children at the beginning of each lesson
  • Give children opportunities to contribute their experiences and knowledge and participate in evaluation and planning
  • Ensure displays support learning intentions and themes
  • Provide multicultural resources to reflect the wider community
  • Use our outdoor space for learning in all areas of the curriculum
  • Encourage independent access to creative materials and role play
  • Support children to be responsible for resources and equipment
Within the Curriculum folder of the website, you will find a page for each subject taught across Key Stage One. Each of the subjects has a linked document that shows what skills and objectives will be taught throughout each term for Year 1 and Year 2. This represents our long term planning.
Class teachers will then produce their own 'medium term plan' which takes the intended objectives for the term ahead and breaks them down into particular lessons. These medium term plans are shared on each class page of the website to provide parents with an overview of the learning taking place in school to allow for further support of the children's learning at home.
The document below outlines the topics to be covered in school for the academic year 2020/2021.
Daily or weekly plans are then used by each class teacher to include specific detail on how lessons will be taught.
Planning can change based on children's interest and lines of enquiry. It may also be adapted to reflect local and national events. If parents would like any information on planning, please see your child's class teacher.

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