Understanding the World

Within the area of learning and development; 'Understanding the World' we focus on the following three aspects:
  • People and Communities
  • The World
  • Technology
A child's view -

Having plenty of time indoors and out I will be able to look at and talk about objects, materials, living creatures and plant life, noticing lots of details and things that are the same or different. I will be able to take part in explorations and investigations at all different times of the year in the classroom and in the outdoor environment giving me the chance to notice changes as time passes. I will have the chance to make predictions, try things out and come to some conclusions and even give some reasons as to why I think things happen. I can share these discoveries with friends and sometimes I will record what I see and find out by drawing, writing or using a camera or computer.

I can also find out about things we use every day in the home and at school as well as places and buildings in the area I live.

I will be able to talk about special moments and events I have shared with my family and things I am looking forward to. I will begin to know more about different people and their cultures, traditions and places in my community.