Sports Premium

Sports Premium 2016-2017 


Each year every primary school across the country receives a P.E. and Sport Premium. This money is 'ring-fenced' to be spent on P.E. and Sport in school to ensure the quality of provision is able to be developed and sustained each year. 

Each school receives £9,000 per year.   


The funding is currently guaranteed until 2020.


Sport Premium Spending 2016/2017 




Sport Champion – Matt Lean: 

To provide additional opportunities to the children, as well as providing support during P.E. lessons 



Mid Cornwall Sports Partnership: 

Membership of a network of schools who work together to create many opportunities within sport 



Dance workshop – 6 weeks: 

To give KS1 children the opportunity to be involved in a 6 week project and to perform at the end. Also for staff to gain CPD in how to teach dance. 

KB to look into 



Bikeability Balance 

To inspire Foundation and Year 1 children to take to two wheels. Purchase of 6 balance bikes.  



Providing Cover for Staff Attending Sporting Events and Training. 



Purchasing new PE equipment 

For use in PE lessons, interventions and after school clubs 



Sports Day: 

To give all children in our school the opportunity to participate in a range of sporting activities 



Lunchtime Provision: 

To make lunchtimes more active for all children. Equipment to enhance children's skills and to become more active throughout the school day.  



Cardio Wall 

Cross curricular resource to support all children with active learning.  

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