Our approach to reading:
'The school is keen to ensure not only that the pupils are able to read but also that they read because they like it. Reading is given a high status.' OFSTED 2010

The main aim has been to put in place systems to ensure that all children have the opportunity to leave our school with the reading skills essential for them to be independent in their learning.

We teach children to read so that they gain a love of reading and are able to experience learning for themselves through books and technology.

The use of phonics is the main strategy given to the children and this is taught through a variety of methods. All teachers and TAs have received training within this. In addition children are taught by sight, phonologically irregular words (the, come). We use a book-banding scheme, so children can choose from their reading levels from a wide selection of genres. Guided reading occurs twice a week for all pupils this is at a level higher than their reading level.

Reading Levels are re-assessed regularly and tracked to ensure that they are making good progress. Difficulties are identified and action is taken to support those children.

Reading Schemes

Rather than have just one or two schemes, we have a very wide selection of colour coded 'Book Banded' reading books. These can be found in each classroom so children can borrow them for home reading. Children are welcome to borrow several books in a particular coloured band. Don't worry if children want to re-read books they have already borrowed, everyone enjoys re-reading a favourite story.

There are also several interventions that are being delivered by trained TAs and volunteers. They use different reading scheme books to support the children's reading, these are P M Benchmarking, Lighthouse, Jelly and Bean and X Project for Boys

We cannot stress enough the importance of developing within every child a love of reading and for that reason we encourage parents to read regularly with their children at home. We use reading rockets to encourage this and every child who reads 100 times at home is given a reward of a book of their own choice to keep.

We teach children to read to learn.

The vision for our school is that it will gain a reputation for “excellence” in reading for children at Key Stage one.