R.E. is delivered in accordance with the Cornwall R.E. Syllabus. The new syllabus has placed greater emphasis on Cornish beliefs, festivals and Saints. We also learn about Hinduism. 

Key Stage 1 gathers together for assembly three times a week. During this time, we celebrate special events, give praise for effort, relate and enact stories and themes from the Bible, follow the Church’s year, appreciate the beauty around us and encourage a sharing and caring attitude towards those less fortunate than ourselves. We invite visiting speakers and local Clergy from different denominations to lead an assembly which underpins the pupil’s spiritual, moral, cultural and social development. We have 'Open the Book Assemblies' where Bible stories are re-enacted by local parishioners who encourage the children to become involved in the stories.  

Religious education is part of the school’s basic curriculum, but parents have the right to withdraw their child or children from this.  Parents are asked to write to the Head Teacher informing him of their desire to exercise the right to withdrawal from R.E.