Physical Development

Within the area of learning and development; 'Physical Development' we focus on the following two aspects:
  • Health and Self Care
  • Moving and Handling
A child's view -

There will be lots of time for me to play and learn inside and outside the school. I will get the chance to become good at moving, climbing, controlling and co-ordinating as I play. I will have fun with my friends and teachers learning to use my body, my feet and my hands with more and more skill. I will get to use lots of outdoor toys to ride on, throw, catch, climb on and build with. I will be able to chase, race, jump, balance, play on my own and begin to play with a partner or a group or team.

When I am busy and active I will be able to feel the changes that take place in my body. I will be able to find out and talk about what helps to keep me fit and healthy and what food is good for me. I will learn to get my coat on or fasten my shoes so that I can look after myself.

I will use lots of tools for drawing, painting, cutting, woodwork, sewing, building, threading, dressing dolls, creating tents, dens and structures and playing sport.