At Biscovey Nursery and Infants Academy we use a synthetic phonics programme to teach reading called 'Letters and Sounds.’ This programme teaches phonics and reading skills through six distinct phases.   Children are taught to identify sounds in spoken words, recognise the common spelling of each phoneme, to blend phonemes into sounds for reading and how to segment words into phonemes for spellings.  We deliver this phonics program using 'Giant Phonics', this allows the sounds to be taught in a progressive manner. 
There are 6 phonic phases.
Phase 1 is taught in the Nursery.  It is designed to teach pre-school children to listen attentively, broaden their vocabulary and to speak confidently.
Phase 2 and Phase 3  is taught in the Foundation Stage.
Phase 4 and Phase 5 is taught in Year 1.
Phase 5 and Phase 6 is taught in Year 2.
Please click on the link below to find out further information on the teaching progression of phonics throughout these phases.