Our Approach to Learning

Topics are determined through a whole school immersive approach.  All Year groups follow this same topic over a term following an initial 'wow' moment.

To ensure high quality teaching and learning we:-
  • Plan exciting topics based on the interests of our children to motivate them to be enthusiastic about their learning
  • Differentiate learning opportunities to make sure all children do the best they can
  • Provide exciting activities to encourage independent learning, incorporating kinaesthetic, visual and auditory opportunities for learning
  • Develop communication and social skills through turn-taking and speaking and listening
  • Share learning objectives with children at the beginning of each lesson
  • Give children opportunities to contribute their experiences and knowledge and participate in evaluation and planning
  • Ensure displays support learning intentions and themes
  • Make sure there are well resources areas for exploring books independently
  • Provide multicultural resources to reflect the wider community
  • Use our outdoor space for learning in all areas of the curriculum
  • Encourage independent access to creative materials and role play
  • Support children to be responsible for resources and equipment