Within the area of learning and development; 'Literacy' we focus on the following two aspects:
  • Reading
  • Writing
A child's view -

I will get to enjoy a range of stories and learn about the characters and the settings in the stories. I will be able to retell some stories using actions and key words. There will be lots of opportunity to develop my literacy skills playing sound games, learning nursery rhymes and learning phonics. I will bring home books to read at home so that I can use the skills that I have learnt in my phonic lessons.
During my time in the EYFS I will develop my fine motor control and begin to give meaning to the marks that I make. I will learn how to hold a pencil and will get lots of opportunities to practise writing my name. I will be able to begin to use my phonic knowledge to read and write words and simple sentences. We will learn our sounds using Read Write Inc, Jolly Phonics and Giant Phonics.