Holidays in Term Time

Taking a Family Holiday in Term Time

Planning your holiday: We publish the dates of school terms well ahead. This is to help you plan your holidays. When you book your holiday, please check that it does not clash with the school term dates.

The value of regular attendance: Your child must attend school regularly to learn how to read and write and be able to interact with others. Research shows that pupils perform better if their parents or carers emphasise the importance of attending school.

Your legal responsibilities: You have a legal duty to make sure your child attends school regularly and punctually. The school and the Local Authority monitor your child’s attendance and will take action if it is poor.

Absence for a family holiday: The Government recommends that family holidays are taken outside school terms, ie. in the school holidays. The Headteacher will consider the reasons for the holiday, the pupil’s past attendance and the effects the absence will have on the pupil's learning. The Headteacher cannot give permission for a holiday in term time.

The Headteacher can only give permission for absence in exceptional circumstances.

If you have to take your family holiday during term time, please fill in a form available from the office. Please do not assume that you will automatically get permission for a leave of absence. The Headteacher will look at your child's attendance and it MUST show that they have good attendance, at least 96% over the past 6 month period.

Warning: If you take your child out of school without permission you will be committing an offence under the Education Act 1996. We may refer the matter to the Education Welfare Services who may decide to prosecute. A conviction may result in a fine of up to £2,500, a prison sentence of up to three months or both. Alternatively a penalty notice may be issued under Section 444A and 444B of the Education Act 1996. This carries a fine of £60 if paid within 28 days or £120 if paid after this but within 42 days. Failure to pay the penalty notice may result in Court action.

Biscovey Infants' School's attendance target is 96%. Applications for leave of absence will not be considered if you child's attendance is below 96% over the past six months.