Expressive Arts and Design

Within the area of learning and development; 'Expressive Arts and Design' we focus on the following two aspects:
  • Being Imaginative
  • Exploring Media and Materials.
A child's view -

During my time in the EYFS I will have lots of opportunities to be creative. I will be able to make believe and use my imagination to tell stories and act out my own experiences in role play situations. I will be able to play with my friends and make up stories with them. There will be lots of opportunity to get messy and explore using a range of different painting and craft tools. We will also be able to mix colours and find out what new colours we can make.
I will also be able to build for a purpose using junk modelling and building blocks. I will begin to create simple representations of objects. I will be able to engage in sensory play where I can explore and talk about different textures.