Emergency Closure Procedures

The following procedure sets out the steps that should be taken in the event that the school needs to close in part or in full.

When the school needs to close for unplanned reason e.g. due to the failure of the heating system, electrical or water supply failure, adverse weather or when the health and safety of children and staff are jeopardised, the Local Authority’s approval is not required.

The decision to close the school is taken by the headteacher.

It is essential to ensure the continuity of education of all pupils where possible and therefore the decision to close the school will not be made lightly.
The decision to close the school either before school starts or during the school day will only be taken as a last resort when no other suitable options are available. Once the decision to close has been made, the following procedure will be observed:
  • The school will notify parents by text (or telephone call if they are not able to receive text messages) of the decision to close the school.
  • The school will notify the Local Authority of the closure by email to schemerg@cornwall.gov.uk. The Local Authority will then inform the Passenger Transport Unit and local radio stations to announce the closure.
  • If a decision is made to close the school during school time, due to the age of the pupils at school, they will not be allowed to leave without the supervision of an appropriate adult (parent/carer/neighbour/relatives). All parents will be contacted by a text message to collect their children.
  • At least two members of staff will stay with the pupils until they are all collected.
  • Where children are brought to school by taxi and a decision has been taken to close the school it will be the school’s responsibility to contact parents/carers and provide care as above.
In the event that the school may be unsafe to stay inside, eg. if there is a gas leak, fire, etc., the building will be evacuated. All adults and pupils will walk to the neighbouring school, Biscovey Academy, where they will wait in the school hall until all pupils are collected.