The Early Years Foundation Stage

Children can start Biscovey Nursery and Infants' from the age of 2. From this early age up to the age of 5 is known as 'The Early Years Foundation Stage'(EYFS).
We follow the 'Development Matters' which is "a non-statutory guidance material that supports practitioners in implementing the statutory requirements of the EYFS." (DFE:2012)
The Early Years Foundation Stage has 7 areas of learning and development.
These areas are separated into two parts; Prime Areas and Specific Areas.
Prime Areas:
These areas are fundamental and support development in all other areas.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
Specific Areas:
These areas include 'learning specific skills and knowledge for children to participate successfully in society.' (DFE:2012)
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design.
Within the EYFS there are four themes which underpin the curriculum.
These themes are:
A Unique Child-
"Every child is a unique child who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured." (DFE:2012)
Positive Relationships-
"Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships." (DFE:2012)
Enabling Environments-
"Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and carers." (DFE:2012)
Learning and Development-
"Children develop and learn in different ways. The framework covers the education and care of all children in early years provision, including children with special educational needs and disabilities." (DFE:2012)
The 'Development Matters' document highlights the developmental stages that children progress through from birth to 5. This can be found by following the link below: